Keto Diet Food List – 7 ways to alleviate menopause

Keto Diet Food List – 7 ways to alleviate menopause

Menopause can be a nightmare for a lot of patients. It could cause lack of sleep and also create heart palpitations. Patients tend to feel easily irritated and usually let go of their sex life during the transition.

In this article, I would be discussing ways the Keto-Alkaline diet can help alleviate menopause and some of the benefits of Keto-Alkaline diet during menopause;

  • Hormones Balancing: A Keto-Alkaline diet helps to optimize cortisol, insulin and several other hormone levels in your body, which in turn minimizes symptoms like hot flashes to ensure when they occur they are usually shorter and less miserable.
  • Improved brain function: One of the functions of estrogen is to provide the brain with glucose needed to fuel the brain. During menopause, estrogen levels drop thus reducing the ability to provide the brain with glucose. This leads to a decline in the brain health. A Keto-Alkaline diet rich in ketones can replace the glucose in your brain and other tissues.

Keto Diet Food List – 7 ways to alleviate menopause

Here are 5 ways in which A Keto-Alkaline diet can help eliminate glucose problem, thereby reducing or totally eliminating terrible menopausal symptoms like hot flashes:

  1. Burn fat.It is a well-known fact that losing weight during menopause can be really challenging. Keto-Alkaline diet has been found to optimize hunger-regulating hormones like insulin and leptin. It also reduces ghrelin which is a hunger growling hormone. This, in turn, eliminates cravings making it possible for you to lose weight and keep trim.
  2. Increase sex drive. The Keto-Alkaline diet is composed of healthy fats that help to improve the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. This is particularly evident in vitamin D, which is a precursor to your sex hormones. It also improves a patient’s lipid profile at the same time helping to balance testosterone which in turn leads to an increased sex drive.
  3. Stabilize energy. A typical experience with women experiencing menopause is they usually feel fatigued and worn out. A Keto-Alkaline diet helps to keep your energy levels up; this is because healthy fats provide a clean and efficient source of energy need to maintain optimal hormone levels.
  4. Improve sleep. A diet filled with sugar and carbohydrates combined with menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and heart palpitation can have an adverse effect on your sleep. A Keto-Alkaline diet helps to balance your blood sugar levels and also optimizes serotonin and melatonin which improves sleep and resets your circadian rhythm.
  5. Lower inflammation.During menopause, there is usually an increase in chronic inflammation. This could spark symptoms like chronic pain which has a role to play almost every disease on earth. A Keto-Alkaline diet combines healthy anti-inflammatory fats with foods rich in alkaline to reduce joint pain, back pain, and other inflammatory conditions.

You shouldn’t accept miseries that come with menopause like you have no choice. A Keto-Alkaline diet helps you live a healthy, fit and sexually satisfying life.

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